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West Dry Sump Systems

The concept of using a motorcycle engine to power a race car or sidecar is well established and very effective – bike engines are small, light and very powerful, giving undeniable power to weight ratio and ready to go sequential gearboxes. Resulting  in excellent straight line acceleration and cornering potential. There are however, some fundamental differences between the bike and car/sidecar applications which can lead to oil surge and potentially engine failures.

This is where a Dry Sump System from West Performance can go a long way towards eliminating engine failures caused by oil surge.

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The West performance range of Dry Sump Systems currently covers most of the more popular Suzuki engines used in Race Car and Racing Sidecar applications.

It probably goes without saying that delivering oil directly to the engine from an oil tank goes a long way to guarantee a consistent oil supply.

It must be remembered however that a Dry Sump scavenge system only returns the oil to the tank, meaning the responsibility for holding and supplying the oil relays heavily on the design of the oil tank.

The second but no less important function of the oil tank is that of a deaeration unit, again meaning tank design is crucial.

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