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Made in Britain

Unique patented design Direct Drive discs.  All PFM brake discs utilise our own patented design and comprise of only 3 parts. With a choice of three different rotors available, S, HP & P, we can ‘dial-in’ your brakes to suit individual rider preferences. A product with a race pedigree, designed for the road, at an affordable price. All PFM discs follow the company’s mission statement of Shortest stopping distance whilst maintaining Maximum motorcycle control’.


The lightweight nature of our products ensures reduced ‘unsprung’ weight, greatly reducing the gyroscopic effect on steering. PFM Unique 3 piece disc allow for quick and cost effective rotor change if/when required. Direct Drive spigots eliminate high point loading and the ‘ovality’ wear and jamming so often associated with disc buttons/ bobbins, instead offer increased drive load area of the rotor on the centre.

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High Performance (HP) Stainless Steel Round Discs

Manufactured from high performance Stainless Steel alloy, offering stability under high temperatures. Twin ground surface offering unrivalled ‘feel’ from the flat and parallel pad track area.

Ductile Iron (S) Sport Disc

Manufactured from Ductile Iron (DI), offering the ultimate in progressive brake performance, light weight, with maximum thermal efficiency

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Full Race Kits

If you require the ultimate in performance, with no compromise, we can offer a full race conversion kit. The kit is manufactured to World Superbike specification and is available for most current Sports and Superbikes, the kit uses our own High Performance billet aluminium six piston calipers that bolt directly to existing radial mounts. Race kits also available with a radial caliper upgrade for selected older models.

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PFM Twin Mastercylinder

Introducing the PFM universal dual lever system.

This unique modular assembly gives independent control over both front and rear brakes, or clutch using just one hand. The system also offers unrivalled levels of adjustment in both span and fulcrum (pivot point) utilising our unique patented design. It can be used on either the left or right side for clutch, rear or front brake operation. Whether you are a disabled rider wanting to ride bike, trike or outfit with improved confidence and safety, or a racer looking to not let go of the bars whilst applying a touch of rear brake (thumb brake), or even possibly a stunt rider looking for multifunctional controls, this system is the ideal solution in one lightweight assembly

Unlike other systems, both levers operate in the same plain allowing uninterrupted application.
PFM  Billet Hand Controls
Cable Clutch.jpg
Billet Cable Clutch
Billet Brake Mastercylinder
Billet Thumb Brake & Cable Clutch
Classic Mastercylinder
PFM  Billet Rear Calipers & Mastercylinder

For more information on PFM products, visit our dedicated PFM website via the link below.

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