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The Kit for GSX-R 1000 K1 – K8 also the later L7&8, and GSX-R 600/750 K1 – On, and GSX-R 600/750 K1 – K10 is a ready to fit bolt on system that doesn’t require any modifications to the actual engine.


It comprises of sump pan, Pressure release valve conversion, scavenge pump and connecting tubes.

West Performance Dry Sump Systems have been around for 18 plus years now and we have had very pleasing results in both reliability and power increase.


We build the kits to order and aim to have components on the shelf.

We are happy to look at special application systems if required


It is also an advantage to run an electric water pump, as the core temperature of the engine is then thermostatically controlled, rather than controlled by RPM as with the standard pump.


The West Performance basic Kit does not include Oil tank and fittings, but most installations only require a tank, 6ft of -10 oil line and four fittings.

We have facilities to manufacture tanks to your dimensions/specifications


If required we can supply everything you need, electric water pump, breather kit (optional), oil tank, lines etc.

The difficulty with making a "ready to install" package is every installation is a little different, so tank placement and pipe length can vary. 


Should you want to supply your own tank etc, we would be please to offer any technical assistance you may need.


If you require any detailed information, please get in touch. 

2 x 750 Cross-cart Kits.jpg

Typical Cross-Cart Kits

Cross-Cart Tank with deaeration unit

Advanced Suzuki Dry sump Systems incorporating upgraded pressure pump 

Suzuki 1000 2017 - On L7


Suzuki 600 & 750

BMW Boxer Twin R Series Dry Sump 

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