Side Car


With a variety of options suitable for a wide range of popular chassis as well as custom builds, it’s not surprising that Nitron’s reputation in the F1 sidecar paddock has grown at such an extraordinary rate. Through the application of cross-platform technologies, Nitron engineers have been able to look at the F1 chassis in a completely new way and provide what some are hailing as ‘the next generation’ of suspension.

Nitron Sidecar Shocks



Nitron F2 Sidecar shocks have received an enviable level of attention from the industry professionals. After an intense 12-month development period under the supervision of lead suspension technician Mark Jefferies, Nitron F2 shocks won both TT sidecar races in their first year. Development has continued and Nitron F2 shocks are now available across a wide range of chassis with specially adapted designs for circuit and road racing.

One to One

Due to the complex nature of sidecar suspension, each kit is hand built by a single master technician. The technician relies on communication from the rider throughout the design and testing process to ensure that the most suitable valving, lengths and progressive spring rates are used.