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Oil Absorbent Material from West Performance

When you need to absorb oil-based liquids but not a drop of water, you need an Oil absorbent material from West Performance.

Oil & Fuel Spill absorbents are hydrophobic, they repel water and absorb oil or hydrocarbon based products. Don’t be responsible for oil on the track, at best a race can be stopped, but we all know how the situation can escalate!

Cut to size from the roll to meet your needs, talk to West Performance for your absorbent material.

Oil Absorbant Material

We can supply high quality oil absorbant material – fulfils oil containment requirements on your race vehicle.

Thermal insulation blanket material

High specification thermal insulation material from West Performance, keep the heat away from all your temperature sensitive parts. Cut to size to meet your requirements.

The only bio-persistent fibre available with a classification temperature of 1300°C.

Superwool® fibre blanket is manufactured to offer excellent performance in high-temperature applications.

Our Superwool® fibre blankets offer an alternative to traditional solutions due to its high refractoriness and excellent non-wetting characteristics with molten Aluminum. They also provide stability and resistance to chemical attack, however, exceptions include hydrofluoric acid, phosphoric acid and strong alkalies (i.e. NaOH, KOH). Superwool® fibre blankets are unaffected by incidental spills of oil or water and their thermal and physical properties are restored after drying. These blankets are designed from pure raw Calcium-Magnesium-Silicate (CMS) raw materials and can be altered to achieve desired properties such as fibre diameter, shot content, fibre length and form.

Typical industrial applications include:

  • expansion joint construction
  • base seals
  • low-mass kiln car construction
  • tube seal fabrication
  • thermal and acoustical insulation

Superwool® Plus™ Fibre

An Engineered solution which saves Energy and respects the Environment. Superwool® PlusTM fibre blanket has excellent thermal stability and retains its original soft fibrous structure up to its maximum continuous use.