Dry Sump Systems

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The concept of using a motorcycle engine to power a small race car or sidecar outfit is well established and very effective – bike engines are small, light and very powerful, giving excellent straight line acceleration and cornering potential. There are however, some fundamental differences between the bike and car/sidecar applications which can lead to oil surge and potentially engine failures.

The solution to this is West Performance’s dry sump kits which include every part required to convert your engine. Currently available for the Suzuki GSXR1000, GSXR 600/750 and BMW Twins, with the Yamaha R1, Hayabusa and Honda CBR600 following soon.

No machining is needed and fitting takes only a few minutes. The sump pan is a lightweight alloy casting which once fitted, looks like it was designed by the original engine maker, and the twin stage scavenge pump is specially designed for the kit. The pump is protected from any debris by gauze strainers covering the oil pickups.

Dyno testing on a race prepared GSXR1000 has shown a 10bhp gain over a wet sump – this of course measured with the engine static – the gains will be much greater when cornering.

West Performance also supply a high quality range of oil absorbant materials.


Dry sumping is ideal for motorcycle-engined cars, and sidecars. West Performance dry sump systems have been used extensively in both applications, for road and track use.

An example of a motorcycle-engined car application is the Jedi single-seat race car. Used for hillclimbing, sprinting and circuit racing, the light, agile car with slick tyres and downforce is capable of high cornering speeds and is particularly susceptible to oil surge problems, even with a baffled sump. A full dry sump conversion removes this issue, allowing the engine to run more efficiently and more reliably throughout the season.

“The cars in the Jedi Championship fitted with West Performance kits have fewer failures and provide noticeably more consistent power with no drop-off towards the end of the race.” – John Corbyn, Jedi Racing Cars